How it’s made

Here is an insight into some of the techniques that allow us to produce the rich diversity of materials within the Stereo wallcovering range.

At one end of the spectrum the processes of hand weaving and hand dyeing generate products such as grass papers and silks, where the luxury of material and the hand of the maker are most evident. These materials convey comfort and cultural familiarity.

At the other extreme, laser cutting, 3D printing and the precision machinery is used to generate materials of extraordinary complexity and striking appearance. These products are literally at the cutting edge of what is capable in wallcovering production. They are unashamedly forward looking and challenge the accepted concepts of wall finishes.

Inherent within the term Stereo, is a notion of duality: and so it is with our choice of materials. We happily accommodate the old with he new, the natural with the man made, the comforting with the challenging. To our mind, there is a place for all of them.